A Tribute to Scott: Pursue Your Dreams Like Your Life Depends on It. Because it Does.

“Be honestly and unapologetically you. Because you being uniquely you will allow the people you interact with to feel comfortable being uniquely them – perhaps for the first time in their lives. There is no more authentic way to connect and no greater gift to give.”  - Scott Dinsmore. 

Last week one of the most passionate, inspiring, and energetic people I’ve ever known died while climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with his wife. Scott was on the tail-end of a year-long world tour that started in January of this year.

Although Scott and I have only ever exchanged a handful of messages, I got to know him incredibly intimately through the community he built, Live Your Legend. Scott was my virtual life coach, mentor, and friend.

He showed me, more than anyone else did, that it is okay to want more from life than a traditional corporate job. In almost every discussion he referenced a study by Deloitte that found that over 80% of Americans are unsatisfied with the work they are doing. It was his mission in life to flip that ratio. This is a quote from one of his early emails talking about his mission for Live Your Legend:

“…most importantly to just take the world by the horns and do what you are best at and what you're meant to do. I want to inspire people to give a shit about their lives instead of listening and following all the time.”

Scott opened me up to the reality that living a life of passion is not only possible, but probable. His dream was to see a world where people ditched the path of tradition and pursued work that actually mattered to them, regardless of societal norms.

Over the course of his life, Scott built a community of over 100,000 people from 190 + countries around the world who believed in his movement, his revolution. Early this year, I became an ambassador for that movement, spreading his message and dream to anybody who would listen.

I remember spending a couple hours late on a Wednesday night last November, listening to Scott talk about Live Your Legend on a video conference. It was one of the most inspiring and influential two hours of my life. I stayed up almost all night after his talk, imagining the opportunities and the future that awaited me. It was that talk that led me to start my first blog ever, amodestblog.com.

It was impossible not to be inspired to dream big, to pursue a better life, and to live happily when Scott spoke. That was the type of energy that Scott was able to bring into the room, with every seminar, and every blog post. I can only imagine the energy and passion that he brought into a room in real life.   

Scott is the reason I hold monthly review and goal-setting sessions. Scott is the reason I started using AirBnB to meet people from around the world and to pay my rent every month. Scott was the inspiration behind my idea to bike across the country and quest to see the world.

Scott helped me realize that I am not abnormal or selfish for wanting more from my life than the typical 9-5 desk job. Because of Scott, I now know that the biggest risk in life is not pursuing what we love. We are only on Earth for a short while. The greatest tragedy is dying with the realization that we didn’t live up to our potential, and that we didn’t pursue the things in life that mattered most to us.

It is said that the graveyard is the richest place on Earth, where the dreams, aspirations, and talents of millions are buried alongside the bodies they belonged to. Scott is the exception. His legend will continue to live on for decades to come. He gave everything he had while still on Earth, inspiring millions to stop living complacently, and to pursue everything that this world had to offer them.

Scott helped me understand the fragility of life, how short it is, and how every minute of it should be spent doing things that matter to us, with the people that we love. He showed us all that the quickest way to achieve the impossible is to surround yourself with people who are already living the impossible. Let’s all take Scott’s message, and live it to the best of our abilities.

Find what you love, surround yourself with the people who will inspire you and help you reach your goals, and live every moment with passion and purpose.

Click here to watch Scott’s inspirational TEDx talk