A Simple Tool For Better Sleep

In a world where most of us are watching TV, checking our phones, or finishing up work on the computer late at night, it's becoming harder and harder to get a good night of sleep. Not only do we get distracted and forget how tired we actually are (have you ever been dead tired at 10pm only to be wide awake at 2am after watching a movie?), but all of the screens on our devices emit a blue light that tricks our brain into thinking it's daytime. There have been many studies done that suggest that seeing this blue light within even a few hours of going to bed disrupts the brain's natural sleep-wake cycles. Although you may still be able to fall asleep at night after looking at a screen, your body and mind pay the price for days to come. 

Although steering clear of all technology within three hours of bedtime is a viable solution, it's not a very practical one. I mean, come on, there is a lot of important stuff to check out on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter until the minute we go to sleep. I'm as guilty as you are. So, how can we maintain our natural sleep cycle while having the luxury of looking at screens until late at night?

The solution is a fashionable pair of Uvex safety goggles. I know, they aren't the prettiest goggles on the planet, but they are cheap, and get the job done. These bad boys will block out 100% of any blue light that is emitted from your screens and devices. I bought myself a pair last year, and although I wasn't necessarily sleeping longer hours, I could honestly feel a difference in the way my mind and body functioned. Placebo effect or not, these goggles allowed me to get the most out of my sleep every night. 

If you are getting an adequate amount of sleep, but can't seem shake the feeling of exhaustion in the morning, give these goggles a try. Put them on three hours before you go to bed, and see how you start to feel in the days that follow. 

Happy sleeping!

P.S. I am not an affiliate of this company and get no money if you buy a pair from Amazon.