Why I'm Doing a 30 Day Writing Challenge

Yesterday, I challenged myself, and all of my readers, to a 30 day writing challenge. My goal over the next thirty days is to write and publish thirty blog posts for the world to see. But why?

1. To Prove To Myself That I'm Ready... For Anything

More often than not, we pointlessly delay ourselves from doing what we truly want (and need) to be doing. 

  • I want to get into better shape before I start going to the gym.
  • I need to get more flexible before going to my first yoga class.
  • I need to take this course/get an MBA before I start my business.

I've heard the above statements countless times in my life, from close friends and strangers alike. The funny thing is that the best preparation is usually to do the very thing we are delaying.

The best way to get into better shape is to.... go to the gym
The best way to learn how to start a business is to.... start a business.

You get the idea. Sure, there are certain things we actually need to prepare for. For example, to become a practicing physician, we need to go to med school. But for 99% of us, we already have everything we need to get started today. We don't need to read any more books, take any more courses, or do any further planning.

I've never taken a writing class in my life, and the last English class I took was in high school. Yet, today, I write weekly blog posts for thousands of readers. This only happened for one reason... I got started.

The same is the case with Yoga. I started my Yoga Teacher Training only two months after I took on a serious yoga regimen. When I started yoga, I could barely reach my knees while bending forward. Today, I still struggle to sit cross-legged. Yet, this week, I'm teaching 5 yoga classes to rooms full of more advanced yogis.

I'm not saying all of this to brag, but rather to show that it's okay to get started without having every credential in the world. Sometimes, the best way to progress and to prove ourselves is to simply get started. 

2. To Produce My Best Work While Overcoming Chronic Procrastination

I've been a procrastinator my entire life. In high school, I would do most of my homework the day it was due, in the class before. In college, I'd often wait until the night before to start week-long (and sometime month-long) assignments. 

What I found from years of mastering the art of procrastination is that I can be incredibly productive and produce extremely high-quality work when I'm pressed for time. The closer I am to a deadline, the better the work is that I produce. It's just how my brain functions. When I'm under pressure, I come up with brilliantly creative solutions that I would never otherwise come up with.

By doing this 30 day challenge, I'm forcing a deadline on myself, every single day. In order to produce my best work, I need to set deadlines for myself, and this seems like the best way to do so.

3. Because I Can.... And Want To

The biggest reason I'm doing this challenge is because I truly want to. I could go on just writing one blog post every week, or I could write one every single day. This is Parkinson's law in a nutshell.

Work expands to fill the time allotted for it. 

If I set out to write one blog post a week, I'd get it done. In doing so, I'd waste a lot of time sitting around, waiting for ideas, and building mountains out of molehills.

If I set out to write one blog post a day, I'll also get it done, but much more efficiently. I'm guessing I'll write three blog posts this week in the time it took me to write one last week.

Why take one year to do something that can be done in only a month?

Life's too short for that.

Your Turn

Is there something in your life that you are delaying, simply because you think you need more credentials, or practice? You've done enough waiting. Get out there, and get started today.