What Do Tim Ferriss and Modest Mouse Have in Common?

Take a quick listen to this 30-second song by Modest Mouse: Black Blood & Old Newagers.

Notice anything odd? If it sounds to you like this is a recording of some kid spitting random jargon into a mic, it's because it pretty much is. This song is on the first album Modest Mouse ever recorded, Sad Sappy Sucker, back in 1994.

Today, Modest Mouse is selling out venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado and Madison Square Garden in New York City. They've closed some of the biggest music festivals in the country, and frequently draw crowds of 100,000 people to their shows.

How did a bunch of high school kids singing nonsense into a mic become one of the biggest names in the indie rock world? 

Patience & Vulnerability

Every single artist, actor, entrepreneur, and athlete you look up to was once where you stand right now. Although it may seem like the people you look up to were always famous, they weren't. Every successful person was once a nobody, fighting his way to the top. 

Take a look at Tim Ferriss' blog back in 2007: 

 Photo Credit:  Karla Starr

Photo Credit: Karla Starr

Pretty ugly, right? Today, Tim Ferriss is the biggest name in the personal development world, with millions of monthly readers and listeners. Was Tim always the "personal development guy?" Of course not. Tim was once an average Joe, like you and me, who decided he was going to write a book and start a blog.

Whenever you feel low about your level of achievement, just remember, even Modest Mouse and Tim Ferriss once started from nothing. They both, at one point, had a whopping following of zero people. The two things they did have, however, were patience and vulnerability. I'm sure it wasn't easy for Modest Mouse to release songs like the one you listened to just few minutes ago, but they decided to do it anyway. It definitely isn't easy to put your reputation on the line and publicly bash the corporate lifestyle, but Tim Ferriss went for it anyway. Today, after over a decade of persistence and willingness to be vulnerable, both Modest Mouse and Tim Ferriss are at the top of their fields. 

Is there something you've been wanting to pursue for some time? Instead of wasting time worrying and feeling intimidated, take a small step forward and get started. Put yourself, and your work, out into the world. It won't be pretty in the beginning, but nothing ever is. If you need more motivation, take a tour back in time and dig up some of the earliest work of the people you look up to today. You'll be amazed at what you find, and it will give you an entirely new level of appreciate for the person.