Live Be Yoga Tour


Hey Yogis!

I’m Alex and I’m applying for the Live Be Yoga Tour on behalf of myself and my partner in crime, Emily. The two of us met three years ago while studying abroad in Australia and immediately bonded over our love and passion for life. Since, we’ve traveled the world together, and recently left our corporate jobs to live more meaningfully by exploring our passions and sharing our love for yoga with those around us. We are certified instructors who are constantly pushing each other to go after and experience only the best that this world has to offer.

For the past year, Emily has worked at a growing start-up in Detroit as the social media, marketing, content, and design strategist. One of her roles consisted of interviewing small business owners to develop insight into their lives and market their passions. Through her inspiring words and incredible ability to connect with people, Emily was able to write over 50 blog posts, some reaching 15,000 people overnight. Emily’s greatest strength is her ability to bring a person’s true personality to life.

I fell in love with yoga the moment I stepped into RED, my home studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Red gave me a sense of belonging that I had never experienced before. For the first time in my life, I felt truly alive. I found a community where it was not only acceptable, but encouraged to take the road less traveled and pursue your dreams. RED brought out my energetic, confident, and goofy self that had been hiding for years. I want to spread what RED brought out in me to every other community and person that I possibly can. When others witness a person living his truth, it gives them permission to do the exact same thing.

Although each of us brings our own set of unique strengths and passions to the table, our true synergetic power shines through when we are together. Together, we allow people to feel themselves for perhaps the first time in their entire lives. Through meditation, yoga, and world travel, the two of us have grown to understand that our number one pursuit in life is to have a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

We would love nothing more than to travel across the country representing Yoga Journal and Gaia. With our passion and energy for the yoga world, we will bring your brands to life while making a lasting positive impact on every single person we meet. Our dream is to live a life inspired by yoga and travel, and we’ll do everything in our power to give back to the organization that will help us make that happen. Through our collective years of experience in public speaking, photography, writing, interviewing, and connecting, we are the two people that can bring the energy and passion to your brand that you are seeking.

Love and light,
Alex & Em

P.S. We had so many things we wanted to share with you but couldn't fit them all into a 500 word blog post. Please feel free to learn more about our goofy and adventurous personalities on our about page!