11 Truths About Us

1. We met four years ago at the Sydney Zoo in Australia and learned to surf together. I took Emily to her first Zen Buddhist meditation class and Emily took me to my first yoga class. Today, we are both certified yoga instructors and are convinced that yoga and meditation are the keys to living a happy and healthy life.

2. Together, we've hiked Machu Picchu, surfed the waves of Costa Rica, luged down the mountains of New Zealand, and have an everlasting thirst for travel and adventure. We've currently planted ourselves in the heart of Medellin, Colombia where we live with two Aussies, a Colombian, and a French dude.

3. Over the past few months, we've learned to live out of just two small bags and off of $30 a day. Simplification has become one of our mottos for the year. We secretly want to move to a farm, away from technology, where we live a completely sustainable life farming our own food and building our own shelter. We've prioritized making an impact on the world first though :)

4. We both love writing, creating and teaching, and want to spend our lives doing just that. Em is an incredible artist. I always talk about how she should start a business selling hand-painted greeting cards but it's a work-in-progress. She’s says she embarrassed that I wrote that, but I think she’s actually flattered.

5. We don't consistently practice everything we preach but we do our best to keep up. For example, we know we should meditate every day, but sometimes we go weeks at a time without doing so.

6. We're late... Way more than we'd like to be. We tend to work on whatever it is we’re doing until the very last minute, and generally underestimate how long things will take.

7.  We like to pretend that we are much more productive, successful, and happier than we actually are. In reality, we have no idea what we are doing with this blog, or with our lives. We get stressed out and frustrated way more often than you'd imagine.

8. I love doing handstands, and will attempt to pop into one on any surface that seems challenging. This sometimes gets me into trouble, and hurt, but it always seems worth it.

9. The thing that frustrates me more than anything is watching someone waste their potential doing something they don't want to do. That's why I created this blog and became a yoga instructor. Most of the time, all it takes is a small shift in perspective to recognize that life can be spent doing something you love every single day.

10. Em: I’m afraid of spiders; it actually pisses me off how scared I am of those buggers. Sometimes, I feel frustrated with myself because I let my fears take over my life. I’m working on letting go of my fears (hence the recent bungy jump excursion), but am discovering that this little project is a constant work in progress!

11. All we want from life is to make a positive impact on the lives of others. If we can accomplish that through writing and sharing our stories, we're happy.

We hope you find value in our content, but if you don't, that's okay too. We won't take it personally. If you have any suggestions for future blog topics, please send them our way! Oh, and we also love meeting new people, so if you ever want to share a meal, practice yoga, or go skydiving, hit us up: experiment@thescientistandthehustler.com


Alex and Em